Explanation of services.

Bridal Makeup: Full face makeup for the Bride(s).  This includes skin prep, false lashes and a touch-up kit. 

Bridal Party Makeup: Reserved for anyone 18 years and older, who is not the Bride.  Includes false lashes & skin prep.

Junior Bridesmaid Makeup: Reserved for kids between the ages of 13 - 17 and does not include false lashes.

Flower Girl Makeup: Reserved for children under the age of 13.  Makeup is very minimal and usually consists of mascara, a little blush & lip gloss, although we can do whatever she and her parents are comfortable with.  This service must be booked in conjunction with at least 1 other Wedding Makeup service.

Camera-Ready Makeup: Full face makeup (can include lashes, if needed), applied specifically for on camera needs.  I will also prep your skin prior to applying makeup, so you look your best no matter the lighting. This is not a substitute for Bridal Makeup. 

Slay The Day Makeup:  When you need some extra sprucing-up for a special event that doesn’t include professional cameras and lighting.  Does not include lashes (although they can be added) or skin prep.

"Something Simple" Makeup:  Minimal base coverage, simple eye, lips & cheeks.  Does not include skin prep or lashes.  Only offered as an In-Studio service.

Makeup Trial: Up to 2 hour appointment to try out different looks and perfect the look you want.  It's encouraged to have a photo of the look you're trying to achieve.

Facial Cupping: I utilize small glass cups & facial oil to plump and smooth fine lines, while also giving a slight lift in the facial features.  This is a great addition to any makeup application.  For more information on facial cupping watch this brief video.