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"Magix In the Makeup"

is the Transformative Power of makeup.

Everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful and what makes THEM feel beautiful. My desire is to meet every person at their comfort level so they still feel like themselves -- just more confident! Whether that means something as simple as mascara & lip gloss or something as glamorous as strip lashes & full contour -- I've got you covered.


My Work.

Banana Leaves

 Just jena.


Aloha everyone! My name is Jena; I'm a Portland, OR based Makeup Artist and Esthetician. I grew up in Hawaii and have lived in 4 other states since then, including my current residence here in Oregon! I've worked  for different cosmetics lines such as Dior Beauty and Mally Beauty, as well as The Waikiki Edition by Marriott as their in-house Makeup Artist.  Although I've had many different types of jobs, I realized a while ago that I'm happiest and most "in my element" when I'm doing makeup.  There is something about helping others feel confident and beautiful that is so fulfilling.  Growing up in Hawaii, "The Aloha Spirit" is something that is ingrained into who we are; that means humility, respect & being welcoming to others. As a Makeup Artist, my goal is not to be the most "cutting edge" or have the most stacked resume, my goal is to make every client feel confident and beautiful!          

Banana Leaves


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Sola Salon Studios - Lloyd Center
1107 NE 9th Ave, Suite 101
(Next door to Orange Theory Fitness, on the West Side of the building)
Underground parking entrance located on 9th Ave.
We validate for up to 2 hours!

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